A beautiful home

The Heart Of The Home

A Beautiful Home; To Build A Beautiful Home.

Part I

What is beauty? To the plow man it is a straight furrow, to the beautiful home it is purity.

To see a garden well-tended, is a wondrous thing, to set ones eyes upon children that are well-behaved is a thing that one does not want to relinquish. For the heart knows purity, and desires to hold it close.

A soul should never be quick to let go of that which is lovely in the sight of God. For what is gold, compared to purity? For gold can be measure in the scales, but who can weigh the worth of purity?

If you desire a beautiful home, one that radiates with the light of God. The foundation starts with the purity of God.

A Beautiful Home; The Foundation

When we see a couple that has been married for thirty plus years, we are a witness to a good foundation. That foundation was laid long ago, by Fathers and Mothers who have plowed hard, planted, and watered their children’s souls.

They watered the souls with the Bible, Good books (We let our children read books about nature, Geography, science and books on living young godly lives).

Fathers and Mothers are the brick and mortar that surrounds the home. And the guardians of their children’s souls. Good parents don’t look at the idea of raising godly children as an obligation, they see it as a duty, out of love.

The father’s role in the home will always be to lead. We know this because the Bible and the world are in agreement on this. The Bible tells us so, the world tries to destroy this biblical principal.

Godly spiritual traits still exist in some homes, and can be seen in their children from a hundred yards away in the world we live in today. Proverbs 20:11 Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure, and whether it be right.

Godly children are a delight to the home and community. Yet if you look close enough, you shall see in the child’s eye, this; the wanting to please the parents out of love, because they are loved.

On a side note; If your life was not well-tended within a beautiful home as a youth, there is still great hope for you. For Christ will not withhold purity from a soul that seeks it. No Matter what the condition of that soul. (I know this.)

Yes children become adults for better or worse.

A Beautiful Home; To Be Obedient

A home that loves to obey out of love, is pleasing in the sight of God and men. John 14:15 If ye love me, keep my commandments. 

When in a home that is beautiful, we cannot help notice two things; 1. The presence of peace and the absence of noise.

The greatest example of love that can be set in a home is the worshiping of God. For can hatred manifest in the home that is filled with the love of God?

The well-tended garden is a sight to behold, the home that is nurtured by the hand of a Mother will make the best of gardens a small matter.

When I speak of  worship, I speak of serving God as the sun, rain and soil serve the field and the seed. We have a ten minute Bible reading time for our children most mornings. But throughout the day, we speak of God. a little here and a little their, the next thing you know they are talking about the Word of God, singing songs and playing David and Goliath.

I share this with you for hope, our daughter who is 7 years old has read her Bible from Genesis to 1 Samuel in about 8 months. She reads about an extra ten to twenty-minute a day on her own. All our children enjoy reading the Bible.

The greatest way to teach children to read the Bible is to read it to them and in front of them.

And how does one worship God? Time. When we give our time to God, He will give His presence to us.

Then how does one fill their children with the love of God? Simply by giving the love of God great amounts of time within the walls of the home. We talk to our children often about God, the love of God, the judgement of God and the mercy of our loving God. Nehemiah 1:5 And said, I beseech thee, O Lord God of heaven, the great and terrible God, that keepeth covenant and mercy for them that love him and observe his commandments:

Yes, children are known by their works and so are parents. It was not long ago, that our home was not in the shape that it is in today. I took the responsibility for its condition when things were not so well. And I give credit to our God, faith and works that it is in the condition that it is in today.

It took work, on my part and my wife’s. To build a “Beautiful Home.”

Being committed to your wife is a great start to a beautiful home. Raising godly children, is a great beginning to a beautiful home.

A Beautiful Home; Parental Responsibility

Responsibility and prioritizing go hand in hand.

In the age that we live in, we should take certain steps to secure beauty within the walls of our homes.

One of the first things a husband and wife must consider is what will they sacrifice to be obedient to the building of a beautiful home.

Let us look from the day a couple becomes husband and wife, is their home not filled with love? Then what happened?

There was not sacrifice to keep the pleasing aromas of God within the home. Yes all things age, but with sacrifice they age as wine, cheese or the grand trees of the forest. The plow in the field  keeps the weeds at bay, sacrifice within the home keeps walls from being built between two souls.

Men can’t be boys when they should be leaders. And a leader will not allow weeds to flourish in the furrows of his home.

There are two ways to be rid of weeds, one; is to spray poison on them and the other is to pull them up by the roots.

If you believe that you can spray poison on weeds and it will have no effect on anything in the surrounding area, you are mistaken. Yet in to many cases, the Father of the home will remedy a problem with another problem. (We will speak of this in “The child’s part” of a beautiful home.)

If you desire a beautiful home, it must be asked? Where’s Mom.

The most influential person in a child’s life, is their mother. And what she does will influence their whole lives.

No person on the face of the earth can replace a Mother. For as the soil gives protection to the seed, so the Mother protects her children. For a child without a mother at home is as a tree grown without good soil.

The woman who stays home will reap the blessings of God that her Corporate Executive Officer counter part will never know.

She will be the one who, wipes the tears from her babies face, she will feed her many children around her table. She will win the hearts of her children through devotion to them and she will be honored by her husband. Ephesians 5:25 Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;

Let the truth be known, is their honor in money, title or knowledge? Perhaps a little. Yet there is great honor in the home that is Godly. For men give respect to rank, title and knowledge. Though only because they have too, in most cases. Yet a husband whose wife sacrifices the things of this world for the home, is above rubies. Proverbs 3:15 She is more precious than rubies: and all the things thou canst desire are not to be compared unto her.

Do we not give honor to that which is godly? Yes we do. For Godliness can not be bought with gold or silver. It is earned by applying works through faith. For the woman who is faithful and stays home is greater than gold in the sight of God and holy people. Her life is a light burden and her house is upon a hill. Yet there are cost.

Love has its cost, and the woman who stays home will do without many things. Yet she will possess what no woman can who works. I need to say one thing; Is there cases that a woman has to work, No. With the system that is in place today, a woman who losses her husband or he leaves, can still get by and keep her children at home. I have seen this sorrowful thing carried out by women of the faith. It is my hope that these things should never be, and our homes hearts go out to them.

Let us not fool our own souls, every woman knows that she should be with her children in the home who is Godly. For, she will never thank God for leaving her children in day care, dropping them off at school or sending them to the neighbor until she gets home.

If you want a beautiful home filled with God, you cannot replicate the model of the heathen home and hope for success.

A Beautiful Home; A Woman Keeper Of The Home

I shall rest upon the word of God, a woman is the keeper of the home. Titus 2:4 That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children,  Titus 2:5 To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.

If your home is off course, most likely it does what the world does.

A woman who stays home out of faith, puts into action many things. One of the first is faith. It takes faith to believe that her husband alone will be able to support the home.

That one piece of faith will be seen as a light upon a hill. She will know that God will provide, her children will know her more than anyone else. (If they are schooled at home.) her husband will know she is waiting at home for him.

She will be an instructor to her own children and to many others who want love, peace and joy in their homes. Her strength will be in her family. she will have no boasting rights about her position in this world. Yet she will have the love of her family.

My father told me once the strength of a woman. “It takes ten men to hold down a man who has been shot in the belly and only one woman.” My father was in the Korean War.

Yes the tongue of a woman can smooth the roughest of seas, the hand of a woman can calm the worst of work days. And the kindness of a woman can make vinegar taste like honey.

I speak to any woman who reads this; pray to cease from working. I was raised without a mother. And to many children today are raised with a weekend mother.

For what is more powerful, one who can conquer a city or one who can bring peace to a city.

A Beautiful Home; A Man At Home

A mans place is in the home. It was so for five thousand eight-hundred years more or less. He toiled all the day long. Dawn was his alarm, supper was his break and dust; ment it was time to go home.

During the whole day, he may have not lost sight of his home. He was a man who knew his family needed him to do what needed to be done. He relied on his beast, for they were his friends in the field. He talked to them as a best friend, encouraged them and feed them. He was close to the soil and God.

Why does a man flee his home? What has man found in the last one-hundred plus years that has rewarded him in the city?

It is an amazing thing; An acre of strawberries will bring a man thirty plus thousand dollars gross, in today’s market. The projected yield this year is 25,600 pounds per acre, which 80 percent of the crop is sold as fresh fruit and the remaining 20 percent as Processed fruit. The price for fresh market strawberries is $1.60 per pound, whereas the processed price is $0.30 per pound. The total gross income is $34,304 per acre.

strawberry economics: comparing the costs and … – Applied Economics

Yes there is cost to all things. Yet if a man and woman stayed at home together and ran a small farm, they could make a good living in this age.

A man must consider the cost of leaving the home as much as his wife has to. When a man leaves his home, he puts his wife in the position of taking charge of the children. I didn’t say, “That a woman can’t be in charge of the children.” I believe that a man can rule his children better than Mom. And I believe that Mom can do things for her children that Dad can never do and will never be able to do as well as Mom.

There was a day, that mother could be working in the home and tell the children, “Be good or I will let Father take care of you.” Just a couple of generations ago, was it not said, “Wait until your Father comes home.”

The Beautiful Home; Children

He who is set upon having few children, has stopped the lives of others so that he may live more for himself. I will rest my case, I have not yet meet a husband or wife, who has shared with me or my wife. That they have prayed and believe that God does not want them to have any more children.

I share this with you as a married couple; You may have discussed stopping the idea of giving life to another child. Yet have you prayed about it?

We have eight children and their ages are from 2-11. There were times that we wanted to quit, but we just kept trying and are still in that same place. And believe me, life is fun.

One of the greatest problems with not having a beautiful home, is that people have taken control of their own lives and the results are clear. They have a home that is as a white washed tomb.

Handing your child-bearing years over to God, is one of the greatest things that two people can do to build the foundation of the home.

Now when it comes to children, where there are many they will learn to share in the simple things of life. They should share a room, choirs, toys and hearts.

It is a shame for a child to grow without a sibling or for only two children to be the only tender hearts within the walls of a home. For a few vines produce a little fruit. Amen

This post is one part of a series.

It must be asked,” Overall, why was the home filled with more peace than it is today?”

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