The Follower’s Of Modern Day Prophets; At All Cost

The greatest movement today in the Common Church is; the “End Times”. Without question man has been swallowed by the giant fish and spit out in the land of the prophets.

If the temperature should rise ten degrees or fall five, God forbid; the world will end. Let there not be an earth quake, surly the sky will fall and the world will end.

Let a lying prophet speak, the stars are aligned this way and the moon is red, Man will gaze into the heaven’s for hours, open his ears for days and speak of “End times”, to all. As if it were the word of God.

If a fire shall start, a storm come or a plane crash, god forbid. The end of the world is coming.

Surly, there is no thing under the sun, that is seen or heard, that does not announce that the end of the world is coming.

Surly it is this president, He is the “Anti-Christ, no, it is the leader of Russia, no, it is the Middle East. Wait it is the Pope!

These prophets speak loud, yet are deaf. Their followers listen and eat every word from their mouths, as if it poured from heaven, when it comes from hell.

These prophets have made their followers a “Superstitious lot”.

The Follower’s Of Modern Day Prophets; Driven By Emotions

Too many people who follow the “End Times” have put a diviners charm within their hearts. A lucky charm in their pocket and a rabbit’s foot in their hand. (Trinkets)

Without even knowing it, many follower’s of the end times and of the prophets of the end times, have become a superstitious lot.

Yes, a superstitious lot, to the point that men will tell you the day when the world will end and you will act upon it with emotion. When as a Christian you should out right call such men “Devils”.

The Bible strictly is against such things and you should be to. 1 Thessalonians 5:2 For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night. For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

The Follower’s Of Modern Day Prophets; The Lies

Remember when the mark upon Gorbachev’s Head was a sign of the end of the world and the beginning of WW III. But what happened? The Russian Empire collapsed. Remember the volumes of prophecies about the end of all things. From food to gas when the day of January 1st 2000 would come. Well it came and went and we are all still here. What about surly this Pope is the false prophet. Well many have come and gone.

The Conclusion Of The Matter; Thus Saith The Lord

Until a man says, “Thus saith the Lord”, what he says, really has no weight at all. When it comes to spiritual matter’s about how the “End Times will be unrolled by the hand of God. All that he speaks is at best, a well planned guess.

I my self, think upon things that MAY happen in the future, it is wise for planning. Yet I do not put much effort into “The end times movement” Because a few essentials are missing from it. There is no humility. The end time prophets are a theatrical lot.

There is no power of the spirit in it. (It attracts people to the physical things around them but not to the spiritual things within them. And Those lying prophets use fear of the physical world to make people fearful, instead of bringing their hearts conviction that they should cry out to God.

The prophets of old, brought a strong message from God, It drove men to weep, to cry out to God. The prophets of old made kings shake, nations shiver and men’s knees feeble. Yet some listened, some repented and some put sack clothe on their bodies and ashes on their heads. Amen.

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