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Non-repentance leads to hell

Donald Trump Teaches Non-Repentance; A Leader leads, so his follower’s live.

When Donald Trump was elected president of the United States, he was carried on the shoulder’s of Christian Conservative Evangelicals.

It bothers my whole being that such a thing could happen, worse though, is what is becoming apparent. Those that voted for Trump are for the most part still standing up for him and making excuses for his way of life or pointing to other people who were worse.

All leaders teach their followers how to live. And all followers will live like their leaders to a certain extent, this is an unwritten law of the ladder of life.

Donald Trump; Teaches, Live Like Hell

We knew that Trump lived like Hell before he was president, so what is the issue then? The issue is how could so many people who confessed that they attended church, read the Bible and that morals held a high place in their lives; voted for Donald trump!

Believe it or not; people are attracted to whom they are like. Do I think that all Christian’s are like Trump?NO but far too many are. The Republican Party and the majority of the church is now a paper elephant pinata. Every child from homosexual rights, pro-choice, lust, and covet has swung the bat of “Political correctness and every excuse is a good excuse” and hit the target. To this point that if Ronald Reagan ran for president on the republican ticket he wouldn’t win three states in the primaries and Kansas would be a squeaker along with Wyoming.

As Reagan said, ” I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the party left me.”

And now that all the candy is out of the “Old Elephant” what is left; Donald Trump.

Politicians get desperate when things don’t go their way, and will resort to any tactic to win. And the people who follow the party will end up lying about their candidate in one form or another.

Donald Trump; Things Send People To Hell

The political system of a country will help send people to hell. How? People will lie about their candidate. I am sure more than one man has said, Donald Trump is a business man and will turn this country around. There is some truth to that but it’s not the whole truth. Yes you know who you are, you would hide parts of Donald Trumps life to make other parts more appetizing to the voter and to justify why you are voting for him.

Hitler made the road system in Germany one of the best in the world (This is arguable). And I believe that many Nazi’s would have pointed this out in 1936. Yet they would have withheld other popular views of the third rich. Political systems do make men lie.

Men who lie tend to find themselves living like hell within their souls, hearts and minds when all is said and done. Men say they speak in truth by blessing one man and yet they curse another. Politics teaches to curse one man and to bless the other,  James 3:9 Therewith  bless we the Lord and Father; and therewith curse we men, who are made after the likeness of God:

Donald Trump; Teaches Non-Repentance

Donald Trump is leading our nation to a stench that is reaching hell. After all he has the morals of a viper and the character of a rat.

It is a worrisome thing; not when a man can act like Donald Trump, but be supported when he acts like Trump acts. By those who say they would never act as he does.

Let us peal the onion and see what is at the center.

Donald Trump is a womanizer. Are the majority of Evangelicals womanizer’s? Yes. I do not write this with glee, nor do I smile within my soul. If I didn’t care about the condition of a man’s soul, the church or the nation, I would say nothing. Yet, it is the truth men within the church desire that which is not theirs.

I will rest my case: Nearly every evangelical man seeks his neighbors wife. Exodus 20:17 Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s housethou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife, nor his man-servant, nor his maid-servant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor anything that is thy neighbor’s.

Donald Trump is not honest; I write this and let it be contested; honesty is hard to find in a church today, men who cheat on their wives, (lust) on their taxes, their golf game and on their own souls, are not honest.

Donald Trump seeks power of all sorts, too many evangelicals seek power for themselves, of all sorts. From titles within the church, work and recreation.

Donald Trump blames others for his problems; Too many evangelicals blame others when they sin and their excuses for those sins sound like the reasons a politician gives when his hand is caught in the cookie jar.

Donald Trump’s fruit shows signs of non-repetitiveness. Repentant men continue to show more humility as they grow in forgiving others and asking others to forgive them and they bend the knee to God. In a few simple words I will say this, “Donald Trump does not possess humility”.

I am sad to say that humility has taken a beating to the point of near non-existence within the walls of the local church, let alone those who are within the back rooms of those walls.

Humility is not talking about how much one has sinned, sins or will always be a sinner, humility is an act of a servant who waits upon his master. Humility knows shame and reacts to it by repenting to God first, not trying to get right with men through every excuse under the sun.

Donald Trump is a prideful man and so is the evangelical. We know Trump is, yet does not the evangelical ask, “What do you do for a living”. He ask’s to measure you up, Yes men size up men today in the church, when they should be taking the lower seat, they will ask, about religious jargon, and other things, yet most these things are measuring rods to measure the rank and file.

Trump boast about how much money he has, the evangelical boast about how much he has done for Christ, Trump boast about what he has gotten away with, the evangelical boast about how much he sins, and Trump boast about things that I won’t write about and the evangelical says things he should never speak about. Ephesians 5:12 for the things which are done by them in secret it is a shame even to speak of.

Is every man this way in the church, no. But far to many are. And men know it.

Donald Trump; Do Not Become Blind and Deaf

Before I go any further, I need to say this, ” If I hated the church, men or women, I would say nothing”. Yet I speak because you are being blinded by those who use you because they do not love you.

First and foremost, they lie to you. If a man does not tell you the whole truth, he is lying to you. Matthew 5:37 But let your speech be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: and whatsoever is more than these is of the evil one

If a man lies to you, he is deceiving you for the gain of something in most cases.

At the very least, pray to God and consider what is pleasing to Him.

Donald Trump; Leader’s Teach

Regardless who leaders are they teach us morals, though they be good or evil. The greatest evil that Donald Trump has taught his followers is to blame others. And at the same time he has shown millions of eyes and ears the lesson’s of how not to repent.

He has hardened the hearts of many men and women by his own actions. His morals have driven a wedge though to many people. I am not speaking about the Democrats, Republicans or other nations. I am speaking about Christians.

A man I know shared with me the other day how Trump was going to turn the nation around and was trying so hard to do so and if it wasn’t for everyone getting in his way, he would have done so much already. My answer to him was, “I would rather live in a poor nation with good morals, than a rich nation with evil morals.” He agreed with me.

It is only those who put God and His morals first who will not be persuaded by the morals of men.

I have voted in the past; I voted for neither candidate in the last election based on their morals lining up with those of God.

Charles Spurgeon, said it best, “When given the choice between two evils, choose neither.” Amen

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    This is so wonderfully written. Thanks you! I will be sharing with my family

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