I met my wife while in homeless ministry for our Lord Jesus. We worked in different ministries but would run into one another on occasion and one day I asked her if she would like to go to Denny’s for dinner.

My wife to beĀ (Hadassah) said one thing to me and it showed me who she was in Christ. She said, “No man will kiss me until he takes me to the alter.” Well we stuck to that principle for two plus years and kissed for the first time at our wedding day.

A little over nine years later and seven children ages; 8,7,6,5,3 and twins 2 years old, we are just learning the basics in marriage. Our children’s names are, Elisabeth, Hannah, Matthew, Leah, Miriam, Anna, and Tabitha. We have come to a place that we may not have any more children and are saddened a bit, but it will be exciting to move onto the next stage of our lives.

We love the farm life, the simple ways and enjoy the children most the time. We have a few chickens and a little garden. We are hoping to move to Kansas, where we will be able to build our dream. The short version of that vision is that we could give more to others and less to ourselves.

I thank my wife for giving me so many children, she is now 45 and I am 55, so it is a bit hard on us physically to raise them. Though we manage, with the help of the Lord.

It was my wife who shared with me to write “All Men Don’t Lust.” She shared with me it would be sin to not write it. Enough about me, if you would like to look at our lives a little more our blog is; www.aprayerfullife.com

God bless and may you begin your path towards the pure life that God intended for us all. Amen






Matthew (me)








Miriam and the twins

I will get a few more pictures. Don’t you just love them!

We have an announcement, We are expecting another baby. We are praying, at this time. We have lost two and Mom is not getting any younger. May you join us in praying for our eighth child.

I will keep you up to date.

We are having a boy, and it brings such joy. Yet on a sad note our friend and neighbor died two days ago and it has brought sorrow to our hearts. Death is so final on this earth, and when it is close, it always shows us how much better our family should be to those around us. May you pray for Peggy (Pats wife.) They had been married for forty years.

Our baby is due in about forty days, I am filled with joy. Mom is making a new post about the good news. Bear with us as our camera battery charger is not working well.

We have had our baby and it is such a blessing. Grandmother has flown in from Oregon and she is leaving tomorrow. We will miss the blessing that she has brought into our home. She has been so kind to her grand-children.

On another note, we have had some big fires up here. And they are close, one is about fifteen miles away and another is about 22 miles away. The fire is called the Okanogan Complex it has burned about 260,000 acres and is only ten percent contained.

I was going to pray to protect our home, but just couldn’t do it. Thinking to myself, should our house be spared at the cost of some other home burning to the ground.

God help us.

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