Excuses To Lust

Excuses To Lust

I will share with you the excuses for lusting, so that if you have a desire to put the lifestyle of lusting behind you. You may know that you are not alone. It is not only possible to put lusting under foot, it is Gods plan for your life. Christ commanded it. Matthew 5:48 Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.

I will share with you over and over to not live a lifestyle of sin, to not commit adultery and to live a pure life through Jesus Christ by the power of God. I have not written all that I have written, to be loved. I have written these things that the proud may be abased, and the shamed be lifted, that the sinner, may quite beating his breast and the poor of spirit may lift his head.

Some will call me legalistic but I say, “Why do you, teach men to lust, and teach them to live in sin?”

If you are a woman and men are telling you these excuses, they are doing so to cover their own lusting ways. No matter their position in the church or life.

know this; that you are right, your husband should be committed to you and you alone. Don’t listen to those other women that tell you excuses also. Sin is sin and living a lifestyle of sin is not healthy for the soul.

below you will find the names of post to read. To know the excuses to lust.

While I fought lusting for fifteen years, I heard all the following excuses to continue in my sin from those who should have told me how not to sin. Or at least not encouraged sin. You must understand something. I would have done anything to hear sound answers to be done with lusting. And now that I am done with it through Jesus Christ, I have found, that many men don’t want to be done with the sin of lusting. They will out right refuse help to be done with lusting. From the Pentecostal preacher in Tacoma, to the Mennonite pastor in Tonasket Washington.

When I am done with the excuses for lusting. I will write a detailed account on how to be done with lusting and name the post that you should read.

The Flesh Is Weak (will be done 1/21/2015)

Gods grace is sufficient, Men and women are different, the flesh is weak

The next post will be We are not all perfect.

There are many more excuses that men use, but let us face the facts. As long as leaders, and those who call upon the name of Christ, also call upon the excuses to live sinful lives. The morals of men, the church, community and nation will deteriorate to that of Sodom.

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